Smokeless fire pits work through much the same way as regular fire pits. Fill them with kindling and wood, light them, and then pile coals at the bottom and top to keep them hot. The heat from the coals and the chimney of the fire pit will do the job.

How work a smokeless fire pit illustration

When it’s time to use your fire pit, bring the coals to the bottom and top to keep the coals hot. The heat from the coals and the chimney of the fire pit will do the job. Create a log rack and a cooking pot rack. For those on a budget, a woven, stainless steel fire pit tote can be had for about $20. The bottom can serve as a vertical fire pit rack that also serves as a pot rack. The top can be used as a pot rack for the outdoor cooking stove.

Stones are sealed inside the main chamber, which is covered by a stone cap. The quartzites inside the fireplace stone react with the oxygen in the smoke to create the necessary heat for the fuel to burn.

The cap of the fire pit is usually not finished with the stones; it is a cavity in the upper portion of the stone cap. This piece is where the fuel comes in and the oxygen escapes.

The firebox is made of stone that is used for the fire chamber. It is the first piece of the fire pit you see when you look at the fire pit. It was designed to allow oxygen to escape from the fire, leaving only the fuel to burn, hence the name “firebox.”

On the bottom of the firebox, it’s wise to place gravel and a capstone of granite.

The gravel acts as a water barrier and prevents air pockets that may allow creosote, which is a chemical by-product of wood smoke, to accumulate in the fire chamber. If you use clay as the stone capstone, you will need to water it on a regular basis. It also helps to prevent moisture from draining from the fireplace’s opening into the room.

Smokeless fire pit help to control surrounding airflow and internal temperatures in order to achieve peak combustion, similar to a how a pristine engine works to produce little exhaust. These fire pits are also highly efficient, contributing to the minimal smoke — significantly less than typical fire puts. Moreover, they emit far more heat from each log that is placed on the fire. When it comes to the process of covert heat with low visibility and supreme reliability, smokeless fire pits are a great option for those looking to enjoy time around a fire pit without having to deal with annoying smoke. It’s also a great option for those concerned with choosing a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable fire pit, but do not want to sacrifice efficiency.