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The complete guide to buying a smokeless fire pit

Smokeless fire pit

The Smokeless Fire Pit Gives You the Campfire Feeling Without the Pesky Smoke

What is it about a campfire that brings family and friends together? There is constant dealing with ways to avoid the smoke that invades your space and makes you want to move from your comfortable spot around the campfire. Just as you settle down in your new spot, the wind shifts again, and you are right back where you started. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the fire without so much smoke? There is a way to enjoy the campfire without the smoke with a smokeless fire pit.

smokeless fire pit

What is a smokeless fire pit?

With the Smokeless Fire Pit, you can now enjoy the evening without the annoying smoke that seems to follow you around the campfire. The number one question is how is this possible? The smokeless fire pit is designed to control the airflow around the fire to actually burn the smoke which contains tiny particles and eliminate most of the smoke.

Before you give up on outdoor activities like a fire pit to gather around, check out the incredible designed units that allow you to enjoy campfires once again. Smokeless fire pits give you a gathering place.

There are several types of smokeless fire pits to choose from. The concept is to enjoy a fire without smelling like smoke yourself is a win-win. The fire pit is constructed of lightweight materials and designed with that modern technique to bring the commonality to the campfire traditions. You can enjoy the smell of an open fire but not the smoke.

How work a smokeless fire pit illustrationHow does a smokeless fire pit work?

While the smokeless fire pit does allow you to have a fire with wood, we note there is no way to have a fire without smoke. This innovation allows main air to feed from the bottom of pit. The secondary air supply comes in the holes on the sides and mixes with the hot oxygen that enters the top of the pit through small holes, which mixes with the smoke and causes it to reburn. This in turn gives you a perfect fire without all the extra smoke.

There are flames from the fire pit that are burning the smoke and tend to burn higher than you would see with a traditional log fire. They are safely burning off the smoke that is funneled at the top through the holes.

Benefits of a smokeless fire pit

The convenience of being portable from your backyard to the beach or camping or even someone else’s backyard. No more combing the nearby woods for sticks and brush, as you bring your own firewood that is cut to the size of your smokeless fire pit. You can continue enjoying the hypnotizing flames of your fire and without extra smoke.

With a smokeless fire pit, you have less clean up because it efficiently burns most of the wood logs. Your family and friends probably will not want to leave early because they no longer have to deal with the smoke that is relentlessly making them uncomfortable.

What are the best smokeless fire pits?

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

This fire pit is a favorite for smokeless and efficient burn. This unit is made with 304 stainless steel for years of dependable service. It is only 20 pounds which makes it portable and durable. There is a certain size log up to 16 inches long that you use to have that perfect burn. You can use 4 to 6 logs if you do not overfill it. It is important to follow directions to minimize the smoke output.

This design has the Signature 360° Airflow Design™ which allows you to enjoy the efficient burn without smoke. Taking the stress out of dodging the excessive smoke with a regular fire is worth every penny for the Solo Stove Bonfire smokeless fire pit.

The double wall stainless steel unit has holes that are placed perfectly to draw in the air from the bottom to efficiently burn your logs. It provides air to the top of fire where the oxygen burns the smoke as a secondary burn. With minimum smoke you can enjoy the beautiful and mesmerizing fire right in your backyard fire pit.

Pros: It is a compact fire pit being 19.5 inches in diameter and only 14 inches tall. It offers a great bonfire and looks good doing it. The quality made product offers owners years of service.

Cons: The unit walls get hot while using. Doesn't come with a top, but is available for purchase.

Hi-Flame Bonfire Fire Pit

This fire pit is not only a great smokeless wood burning unit, but also affordable. It is heavy duty stainless steel and double walled with air holes. The weight of 42 pounds does make it heavier than other units but still portable. The diameter is 20.5 which accommodates a larger group of adults.

A lid comes with this unit and is included in the price. Using a lid is helpful to contain any hot embers left when your gathering is winding down.

This smokeless fire pit helps if you shop on a budget. The air comes through the holes that are pre-drilled in the bottom and enters moving upward and passes over the flame which is when it burns the smokey particles that create the smoke no one likes to breathe. You will enjoy the smokeless fire pit’s intelligent design that is created to burn wood efficiently and thoroughly.

Pros: Unit comes assembled and provides a clean burn. Lid is included with purchase.

Cons: It is heavier than other units and would benefit by putting it on wheels. You are not able to place on surfaces like a deck or grass that it can damage when it gets hot. The ventilation holes can become clogged with ash if you do not keep a check on it.

Esright Bonfire Fire Pit

This smokeless fire pit keeps smoke to a minimum. With a 304 stainless-steel body with 35 vent holes along the top and 4 vents below along with small holes. The design keeps the wood burning while much of the smoke is burned away. The 21.5 inch diameter and 13.8 inches tall unit also features double-layer sidewalls that keeps accidental burning to a minimum if it is touched while being used.

When gathering around the Esright Bonfire Fire Pit, it allows you to benefit from unique engineering and design that is not only effective but allows your outdoor living space to become a focal point of your home. You enjoy the smokeless fire pit by a functional wood fire and not dealing with smoke like regular fire pits have.

Pros: Is dedicated to providing a smoke free fire for their customers to enjoy.

Cons: Style does not appeal to everyone though functional. It does weigh 49 pounds which does take more effort to be portable.

Breeo Double Flame Smokeless Fire Pit

The Breeo’s Double Flame smokeless fire pit has a large diameter of 24 inches allows you to have an amazing fire you can enjoy. This pit offers you the best heavy duty 304 stainless steel base that will last for many years.

This model will perform as you desire with high efficiency reburn system. The double walls continue to draw in air and burn off the smoke on top of the fire. This means that smoke will be minimal. Once your friends and family know you have a great firepit, you will enjoy their company more.

Pros: Offers a large fire. A smokeless fire pit can become part of the landscaping design.

Cons: The grill is an additional purchase.