How does a smokeless fire pit work?

Breeo smokeless fire pit

Breeo is a company based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania that creates and sales smokeless fire pits. The company provides two different series of smokeless fire pits for their customers. The company made the first smokeless fire pit in the year of 2011. Ever since the year 2011, the company has been creating and expanding to make unique smokeless fire pits. They are passionate about their customers and want to create a unique experience for families and communities to come together to have a great experience outdoors. They have thought of traveling campers who want to travel with their fire pits and a more permanent option for homes or communities. The company has employees that do it all from answering phone calls and emails to welding products together and then shipping the product out to the customers. The company offers free shipping and a lifetime warranty for their smokeless fire pits. One can expect to spend anywhere from $279.00 to $1,449.00 on their fire pit. It is important to read all the details to make sure one makes the best choice for their needs and desires.

What are the best Breeo smokeless fire pits?

Breeo X Series fire pit

The first smokeless fire pit is the Breeo X Series that has two different model options. Model option one is X Series 19, which is designed to take on the road or for smaller backyard experiences. The size is best for one to four people. The starting price is $279.00. It weighs approximately forty seven pounds, which makes it easier for moving. It has a smokeless technology that uses an airflow and double wall convection that will burn its own smoke. The next model option is X Series 24, which is more suited for individuals with cooking goals. It is a better investment for individuals who plan to keep their fire pit for a longer period of time. This model option is best for three to seven people to gather around. The starting price for this model option is $479.00 One can also move this fire pit with ease with it only weihing at sixty two pounds. This is not a being weight difference between the X 19 series and the X 24 series. Both series come with two different optional add-ons. The first additional add on is called the grilling package. The grilling package comes with an outpost and a lid. The firemaster package is an additional option. This package includes outpost, lid, kettle hook and kettle. The prices vary on the optional add-ons depending on the size that one prefers.

Breeo Luxeve series fire pit

If a person or family wants a more luxury smokeless fire pit, one should look at the Breeo Luxeve series. This series has a sophisticated design to it instead of the traditional fire pit look. The price for this smokeless fire pit is at $1,449.00. The exterior color comes in different options; white river, earth rust, bronze vein and silver vein. This series is around twenty-four inches inside and thirty three inches on the outside and weighs at one hundred thirty five pounds. After one decides which exterior color is best for them, one can then decide which glass color they prefer. The glass colors come in black, dark blue, gray, clear and amber brown. This fire pit includes a lid and comes with one thirteen pound bag of fire pit glass. It is manufactured completely out of stainless steel. With it being a smokeless fire pit, this ensures that more people can gather around the fire pit and enjoy each others company.

If someone wants to purchase a fire pit that provides less smoke or completely no smoke, one should consider purchasing a Breeo. This company is American made and located in America. They offer a series that is geared towards cooking and being able to travel with it when going camping or going to another friend's house. This is the X series. It comes in two model options and offers optional add-ons that depend on one's choices and desires. Breeo then offers a more luxury fire pit that is geared for gatherings and looks. It is not meant to travel, but to stay in one place. The Luxeve series is more sophisticated. It is the perfect fire pit for large gatherings. Breeo also thought of adding more exterior colors that match best with your preferences at one's home. A person who enjoys being outdoors and having small gatherings at their home should think of investing into a Breeo smokeless fire pit to create the perfect environment in their home without the extra smoke from a typical fire pit.