Best smokeless fire pit

Solo Stove smokeless fire pit

Whether it is in your backyard or a camping site, it's given that you want to make good memories of it. The truth is that good memory needs a fire in one way or the other. Solo stove helps you accomplish such dreams. We aim at creating good products to give you good moments and memories to create a good life. That is our mantra.

From the moment the fire pits are in the production line, we think about the people who will use them. We feel that we should offer the best as a way of connecting to those we hold close to our hearts. To us, you are not just clients but also partners who use our products to explore nature's beauty. Our fire pits will bring you warmth in whatever place, in the mountains or by the lakeside.

At Solo Stoves, we ensure that we produce durable products. We also top that up with a warranty to assure you that we will always get your back when you need it most. You don't have to worry about hiking with heavy loads of fuel. Our fire pits allow you to use the fuel available on the spot. This includes wood and twigs.

What are the best Solo stove smokeless fire pits?

Solo stove Ranger fire pit

This is one of the most efficient and portable fire pits you will find in the market. Its singular construction makes things easier for you.

Unlike other pits that you have to assemble, the Ranger is ready for use without much work. Whether you are taking a road trip, you are at the beach, or you have gone hiking, this fire pit will bring you the warmth you need. Ranger fire pit sales from Solo stoves have tremendously increased in the recent past, which tells you that it is an efficient product.

It is designed to ensure that combustion takes place easily and reduces the emission of smoke. The double walls and the vent holes at the bottom maximize the airflow in the pit. This allows the pit to produce hot air over the fire. The Ranger fire pit's best thing is that you don't have to use batteries and fans to create the end product.
Another thing is that you don't have to worry about fuel usage. If you are using wood, be assured that every bit of the wood will be completely combusted. That saves you fuel cost.

Solo stove Bonfire pit

Have you ever had to wait for logs to burn for hours before you get an ideal bonfire? It is frustrating when the fire flames out and considers the amount of wood used for only one bonfire. Don't worry anymore. At Solo stove, we produce one of the most portable, low smoke, and fuel-saving fire pits.

The fire pit is designed using stainless steel to ensure that it is durable. Unlike the traditional bonfire, the pit saves you the smoke dodging. Its structure and the vent holes at the bottom ensure that there is enough airflow in the pit. This is a great way to help the complete combustion of the fuel being used and reduce the emission of smoke. You get to spend more time near your fireplace and leave the sight with no smell of smoke. The Bonfire pit is created to accommodate logs up to 19 inches tall so that you have enough fire all night long.

Solo stove Yukon fire pit

The Yukon fire pit is not just durable but is also one of the biggest fire pits in the market. Its huge size and design that allows 360 degrees airflow produces effective and the hottest fire. Even if it is big, its singular construction gives it portability. It's formed in a way that I can accommodate logs up to 22 inches long. This means that the fire pit will not only create a huge fire for you, but it will also take longer before it requires the addition of fuel. The holes at the base ensure sufficient oxygen in the pit, which encourages the flames to burn.

There is efficient combustion, which means that you don't have pieces of unburned logs in your fire pit. The Yukon fire pit is the best, especially when you are in a group. Big flames are usually associated with smoke. With Yukon, expect very little smoke. You don't have to worry about leaving the fireplace with the smell of smoke on your clothes.

The above-listed fire pits are some of the best products that Solo Stoves produce for your needs. Each fire pit comes in where it is needed. Whether you are alone, a number, or a big group of friends, we have the right sizes of fire pits for you. To use a fire pit, all you need to have is wood. It is recommended that you use dry wood or pieces of logs. Hardwood will always burn longer than softwoods. Fill just enough so that you give the pit enough space for combustion.

Although the fire pits are not designed for cooking, some people improvise to cook over the flames. One of them is placing a grill metal mesh over the fire pit. Even then, you can warm the hotdogs and heat the marshmallows over the flames. When you are done using your fire pit, give it time to cool and turn it upside down. This is how easy you clean your pit.