It may sound unusual to make fire without smoke being produced from it. Especially those who are new to this phenomenon may think it’s not real. Well, it is very much possible. However, there are some factors influence fire when produced in an open fireplace. All these factors need to work together to help prevent smoke from being produced when started. There are some things that you can do to help you create a smokeless fire pit. It would be best if you did the following;

  • Use the top-down method to build a fire for a cleaner burn that has minimum smoke.
  • Use dry wood because it will help in reducing the amount of smoke being produced.
  • Consider opening the damper before you start up the fire.
  • Clean your chimney if you have not been cleaning it for the past one year.

Here Is How to Start a Smokeless Fire Pit

Most of the time, fire produces smoke because the fuel is not well combusted. Therefore, the fire is going through a tough time to burn through the fire, such as wood. The fire struggle result is not getting a clean burn, and the byproducts get wasted to smoke. It can also be because the supply of oxygen is limited.

As you start your smokeless fire, ensure you build a fire so that it will be different from the conventional way. You will then begin to the fire at the base of the fireplace. The kindling and the logs should be at the top of it. Make sure the fireplace has a sufficient air supply as you start up the fire. The fire starter should be placed on top of the fire.

When you use a top-down fire procedure, the logs should be the first thing to be placed at the fireplace. It should then be followed by the kindling and then the fire starter. It is the reverse procedure of starting up a fire in an open fireplace. This procedure’s benefit is to minimize the amount of smoke that can be produced when starting to build a fire.

Starting up a smokeless fire is not a lengthy procedure. It would be best to prevent using wet wood and limiting the amount of oxygen in the fireplace. The process is easy to follow as you will get good results from it.