A smokeless fire pit is a charcoal-fueled fire used outdoors as an alternative to an outdoor gas or briquette barbecue. It is a wood fire pit designed to be able to burn wood or other combustible material, such as briquettes or other plant material, although a traditional pit is still preferable for cooking large quantities of food over a longer time.

A wood-fired or charcoal fire pit is fueled by three main ingredients: wood or charcoal, wood ash, and natural gas. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from a gas-fired or charcoal-fired fire pit are low compared to a wood-fired or charcoal-based barbecue grill and use very little wood ash. The heavier solid wood ash is usually thrown back on the wood behind the pit, unless it can easily be carried to a nearby ash disposal area.

Gas-fired and charcoal-fired fire pits usually include a built-in charcoal starter kit, a metal control knob, a digital fire ring gauge, some type of fire-retardant lining on the burner, and a charcoal tray (usually plastic).

A smokeless fire pit is one of the most useful pieces of home equipment that you can get. Not only does it save you the trouble of having to get the fire going, but it will also save you from having to deal with a large pile of smoldering wood. Keep this cheap pit small by tucking it away in a corner, covering it with stones, or some other way of blocking it.

Smokeless fires are not designed or recommended for use in furnaces, forced air systems, or fireplaces. Portable or built-in gas barbecue charcoal fires are the most popular type of smokeless fire; however other types exist. In many of the methods listed, the goal is to use less wood, either to conserve fuel or to make cooking easier. The small amount of charcoal must be placed in the fire, rather than piling firewood near the cooking surface, and then fed in slowly. Sometimes, this type of cooking is referred to as “black smokers” because of the use of wire mesh charcoal grills.

Smokeless fire pits come in a wide variety of designs and come with different levels of fuel and heat options. The many possible configurations of barbecue fires are more than enough to cater to the needs of any barbecue enthusiast. Smokeless fire pits are a terrific alternative to gas or briquette barbecue pits as they are far more convenient than charcoal or gas. Some of the best smokeless fire pits for sale are made with a simple design and can be utilized by smokers, the campfire crowd, or anyone who wants a simple, convenient fire pit.

Most smokeless fire pits are built of stone and are large enough to accommodate even large, oak trees. The choice of fuel can make a huge difference, too. Natural hardwood is the most common, but most people also opt for apple and cherry wood. Charcoal and briquettes are becoming more common choices for the backyard grill, but both require more work and more upfront cost. Smaller companies that specialize in smokeless fire pits offer all of these options for an affordable price.