Looking for a fresh and fun way to cook outdoors? Barbecuing or cooking over a fire pit is something you should try, if not implement as a regular cooking tactic. It not only adds unique flavors to your food, but it can add an entertainment element to a gathering or just for you! Find out below how to barbecue and have a successful fire pit meal which may just replace your usual grilling method.

Let’s start with the fuel for this feast. You’ll need both kiln dried hardwood logs and smokeless coal. Add to the flavor profile of whatever you are cooking in your fire pit barbecue with an element such as hickory, apple, or cherry. Depending on what you’re cooking up, certain hardwood flavors pair better with specific meats, fish, and more.

Cook smokeless fire pit

Grilling, pot cooking, and rotisserie cooking are just some of the many different methods of cooking a fire pit meal or barbecue that you have to choose from.

A simple and low cost grilling gate or rack allows you place your food on top of the fire pit either unwrapped or placed in aluminum foil or similar and cook hands free with a quick turn here and there, depending on what you are cooking up! If you want to induge in the activity side of your fire pit barbecue, create or purchase some grill baskets for you or you and your guests to hold and maintain while the food is cooking and you’ll be able to use your fire pit with grill!

An item that is harder to contain? A pot that you probably already have in your kitchen can be used for pot cooking over your fire pit! Place the food or ingredients in a pot and choose from hanging it over the fire from a sturdy, safe contraption or simply place it on top of the fire. Consider placing the pot on top of a grilling gate or rack for better stability and safety.

Rotisserie cooking, sometimes referred to as, “spit roasting,” is another popular method for cooking over a fire pit but can be more time consuming. Some further equipment may be required to use this method successfully but it will result in beautifully cooked and barbequed food. Make sure to balance whatever you are cooking above the fire pit to ensure even cooking. There are products available that automatically rotate your food or you can hand turn a device over the flames while you watch your meal turn into the finished product.

Whichever cooking method you choose, your fire pit barbecue will result in deliciousness!