The only difference between a traditional old-fashioned fire pit and a new smokeless fire pit is the removal of the annoying smoke that pesters you while trying to sit and enjoy your fire pit. Smokeless fire pits will still provide the cozy heat that you desire, without the hassle of smoke blowing at you! Sit back and enjoy the warm glow of a roaring fire in your yard, without any smoke blowing up to obscure the view or get into your face or lungs. No more will you need to choose between staying warm or staying out of the smoke, a smokeless fire pit will offer you the best of both worlds. Smokeless fire pits will pull the smoke away, but will not stop any of the warming heat of the fire from being provided to the surrounding area. This means that it will give off all the same heat as a regular fire pit would, just without any of the pesky smoke.

The best part of a smokeless fire pit is that you can enjoy the heat being provided in a full 360-degree circle, without needing to move some side to side trying to escape the smoke from blowing into your face. With a full circle of space available, even more in your group will be able to feel the heat at a time, no more crowding to a single side, dodging smoke, and trying to all squeeze close to keep warm!

The amount of heat being provided by a smokeless fire pit will solely depend on how much wood is built up inside, so you can add as much or little wood you like to set the temperature to your preferences. Once you have the fire stocked up all that is left is to sit back and enjoy the heat with your group without any of the hassles of smoke in your face. So curl up in the warm glow of a smokeless fire pit today, and feel all the heat it has to offer you, your friends, and your family.